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Using the stock windshield washer tank for meth injection

If you are planning on using a Methanol Injection kit and you dont want to buy an aftermarket reservoir or you just want a stealth install, you are in luck.  All you need to do is to buy a bulk head fitting.  As you can see the lines just simply slip into the red parts.  

Then all you need to do is to:

1.  drill out the exact size of the threaded area


 2.  unscrew the bottom nut completely off


 3.  slide the nut over the line from the pump


 4.  slide your line from the pump through the hole


 5.  out the top of the windshield washer tank


 6.  pull the line and the bulkhead fitting back through the tank until its stopped by the other nut on the fitting


7.  use some kind of sealant to seal the hole (such as fiberglass resin, gorilla glue, or anything else that will bond to plastic and metal as well as seal the hole)


 8.  slide your other nut up and screw it back on to the fitting


 9.  Let dry


 10.  Test by filling up tank with water to verify that there are no leaks


Alternatively, you could just fill in the huge hole from the Washer Pump with any of the same materials in step 7.  (Not actual tank to right)


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