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By: TurboMatt on Supraforums

Make sure you unhook and remove the battery. This will make it a lot easier to get to the hoses on the bottom of the throttle body.

The first thing I did was to remove the throttle and cruise cables. This is done buy pulling the throttle blade into the WOT position then pull the slack up on the cable and slid the end out. Also, make sure you disconnect all of the electrical connections to the TC motor, TPS, etc.

Remove this hose on the drivers side of the intake manifold.

Remove these three hoses located on the bottom of the throttle body.

Now unbolt the two 12mm bolts on the top of the throttle body and remove the two 12mm nuts from the lower studs. Here is a shot of the drivers side stud. I used a 6" extension to reach in with a 12mm socket.

All shots of the throttle body after I removed it. Pretty eh?

I sprayed the throttle blade with the CRC air intake cleaner and let it sit for ~30 seconds then worked it with the brass brush. I repeated this 5-6 times and this is the final product.

Re-assembly is pretty easy. I hooked up the 3 lower lines before sliding the throttle body onto the studs. It's much easier to have those lines hooked up first.

A little trick to get the lower nuts on. Put a dab of bearing grease in the socket then place the nut in the socket. This works great when you need to get a nut on in tight places as with this.

As soon as I started the car the idle didn't start at 300-400 like it usually did. The idle was high (1200ish) for 10 minutes or so. After driving the car the idle settled at the first stop light I came do (~700). You'll notice that throttle response should be a bit more crisp with a clean throttle body as well!

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