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Stock Twin Turbo Removal in < 3 Hours

 - Thanks to Ken Blake for this write up

Hello group,
I've been plotting and researching my single turbo conversion for awhile, (and luckily did most of my research while this forum still had a search feature <-- Supraforums joke) and I finally began the work of removing the twins on Sunday afternoon. I worked for about an hour, removing the twin piping, the vacuum manifold, and the turbo heat shield. I then gave every exhaust manifold nut I could see a liberal shot of PB Blaster. After about 15 minutes of letting the PB soak in, I removed the front 5 nuts on top of the manifold, and the front two on the bottom. I then got under the car, and soaked every other manifold nut I could see.

After that, I called it a day.

Monday afternoon, I was back at it, removing the rearmost top exhaust manifold nut, the BPU down pipe, and a couple of stays from beneath the car. That allowed me access to the remainder of the exhaust manifold nuts on the bottom, using my handy "Pecos Wrench":

This wrench is a long handled double box wrench, with a 12mm box on one side, and a 14mm box on the other. The Mac tool dealer sells it for about $30. Thanks to this wrench, I was able to remove all of the exhaust manifold nuts without having to remove the EGCV elbow, and deal with "the b!tch nut". I disconnected the water lines, the front oil feed/return line, the rear feed/return line, and the twins were ready to come out. I did end up cutting about 4" off the rear oil return, because it hooks around the motor mount, and was hanging up the assembly.

With that done, I had a friend help me lift out the assembly. The whole process took just under 3 hours worth of work, and none of it was hard at all.

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