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When choosing what single turbo conversion you would like to have in your vehicle there are a few questions you must ask yourself.  How much horsepower (hp) do I want to make now?  How much hp do I expect to make in the future?  New or Used parts?  Single or Twin Turbo Upgrade?  These are just some of the vital questions you need to answer to yourself before you can take the plunge into "going single" or upgrading your stock twin turbos.  If you visit Stu's website, he will show you just about everything to do with the stock twin turbos.  

In this single turbo conversion parts list we are going to focus on roughly ~450rwhp and will not be upgrading the stock fuel system.  Remember this is just one way to perform the conversion and is definitely NOT the only way.  Here, Ken shows us a break down of cost analysis for the parts needed.    (May need to register to view thread)

Turbonetics cast exhaust manifold: ~$300                 
Used GT4088R turbo: $700
ATP Turbo 38F to 44V adapter $34
Tial 44V Wastegate: $389
Miscellaneous fittings and braided lines: $300
Front Mount Intercooler kit (w/ clamps & fittings)            NOT NEEDED BUT RECOMMENDED

The kit makes 465RWHP at 17PSI on pump gas, at 90% injector duty. The fuel system is stock, except that the stock fuel pump wiring is bypassed using 8 gauge wire and a relay.

Again, this is one way to do the conversion and is a very reliable one at that.  You can always buy just brand new parts and spend two to three times the amount of money, but it may not always be worth it to some people.  Use this as a learning aid to figure out exactly how to achieve your hp goals.  With this type of power you can still use the factory side mount intercooler (smic) and achieve the same horsepower.  It is when you plan on running more boost and consequently more horsepower that you will then want to upgrade the rest of the system:

Spark plugs
Fuel System & all associated fittings
extra fuel pumps
engine management (Standalone or Piggy Back System)

This page will be updated with more links and other resources to read up on, but for now this will get you in the right direction.  

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