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2JZ-GTE Engine Oil (TT Engine on a MKIV)
Stock = 10w30 Semi Synthetic
I recommend Fully Synthetic 10w40/50
Dry Capacity 6.5L's
Change capacity 5-6L's (Have 6L's ready)
Regular Driving - BPU or Less
5w40 - Silkolene Pro S, Castrol RS, Motul 300V Power
5w50 - Valvoline VR1 SynPower, AGIP PC5w-50
Regular Driving - BPU to Big Power
10w40 - Motul 300V Chrono, Royal Purple Racing 41
10w50 - Silkolene Pro S
10w60 - Castrol RS (NB Untested)
Track Oil
15w50 - Silkolene Pro R, Motul 300V

I'd recommend Royal Purple or 10w50 Silkolene as it's Ester based unless I wasusing the car only for short journey's then i'd use the Valvoline.
NB: Mobil1 0wxx has been known to get past the piston rings and causeexcessive oil consumption. I would recommened ALL 0wXX oils areavoided. 5W is the lowest I would use.
Interval = 3-9,000miles depending on use/power levels

2JZ-GE Engine Oil (NA (Non Turbo) Engine on a MKIV)
Stock = 5w30 Semi Synthetic
I recommend Fully Synthetic 5w30-10w40
Dry Capacity 6.2L's
5w30 - Motul 300V
5w40 - Motul 300V, Silkolene Pro S
Change capacity 4.8-5.8L's
I'd recommened Silkolene Pro S 5w40.
Being less stressed that the GTE version any Fully Synthetic oil between a 5w30 and 10w40 should suffice.
Interval = 9-12,000miles depending on use

LSD Diff Oil
Stock = Unknown 75w90 Gear Oil
Capacity ~1.5L's (have 2L's Ready)
75w90 - Motul Gear 300 or Silkolene Syn5
I also recommend Redline heavy duty shockproof or either of the two listed - both have been used without issue.
Interval = 2 Years / 30,000miles depending on use/power levels

Manual 6-speed V160/161 Gearbox
Stock = Toyota V160 oil (PART No. 08885-01306)
Capacity 1.8l's when dry
Toyota V160 Oil (comes in 1L cans - require 2 cans)
Esso Dextron D21065
I recommened Royal Purple Syncromax.  You also cant go wrong with stock.
Interval = 2 Years / 30,000miles depending on use/power levels

Automatic 4-speed A340E
Capacity = 8.2L's (But you can only really change what's in the sump of it and that is ~2L's)
Stock = Toyota Type-IV - 2L's for a quick change. Have 10L's ready for a full flush.
I recommend you stick with stock oils
Interval = 1 years / 15,000 miles per 2L quick change with heavy use. 2 years and 30,000miles if you're a light user.
NB: You only need to do a full flush if something is couldactually be harmful to do too many full flushes due to the additives inthe oil.

5-Speed Manual W58 (NA only)
Capacity = ??
Recommended Oil = Any 75w/90 Gear oil should be ok. Motul Gear300 is a good option.
Stock = ??
Interval = ??

Brake Fluid
Stock = Dot 4
I recommend DOT 5.1
Capacity ~1.5L's (Have 2L's ready)
DOT 4 = Motul RBF600
DOT 5.1 = Motul RBF600, Castrol SRF
Interval = Every 12months (also after any track day!)

Power Steering Fluid
Stock Dexron III ATF
I recommend you stick with Dexron III oil but all makes should be suitable
Capacity <4L's
Interval = ???

Clutch Fluid
Stock = DOT3 Brake Fluid
Capacity = Under 1L??
Interval = ???
I recommend you stick with stock or use a DOT4/5.1 Brake Fluid.

Stock = Toyota 4Life Red
Capacity ~9L
I recommend you stick with Toyota Coolant.
Interval = 30,000miles
*NB: 4Life changes colour as it get older, when it starts to turn amore browny red compared to it's vibrant red when new then it needs tobe changed. Also 4Life comes premixed and needs no other liquids mixedwith it.
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