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Here is the Renaissance Red Supra.  This car has roughly 59K miles on it, total.  No engine swaps, no miles after any engine work, nothing of the sort.  59K original miles which comes out to about 10 miles per day.  The car is garaged kept, as far as I know it always has been.  The previous owner knew a great deal about these cars and it showed when he performed the modifications.  Tons of research and planning went into it and what came out was nearly a work of art.  The car made 710rwhp on C16 race fuel and about 28psi using the original MAP ECU (see my video section for the dyno).  The boost has since been turned down and ran on pump gas using the new MAP ECU 2 engine management.  The car ONLY sees the perfect weather, a sunny day and absolutely no rain for at least a few days.  No mud puddles for this car. 


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