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Rear Differential Oil Change


There are a few different ways to change the Rear Differential Oil.  In each way you drain the oil the same way, but it is when you are refilling the differential that you can do it a few different ways. 

I replace my fluids using Redline Heavy Shockproof Gear Oil.

              x 2 quarts

The first thing you want to do is to crack open the oil FILL plug (yes the fill plug) and then the oil drain.  This way it allows the diff. to "breathe" while all the oil is draining.   (it is not shown in the picture, but that is how I do it)

Once the oil is finished draining you can now replace the Drain Plug. 

Here is where you can fill the oil differently.

You can:

  1. Use a hand pump to fill the oil (this method may be a bit more expensive because of the pump)
  • You would pump in 2 quarts of oil 
  • Then put the oil fill plug back in


    2. Use a long clean piece of 1/2" hose and a funnel to add it from inside the hatch area

    • You would attach a small funnel (the tip has to fit snug into the hose) to a long 1/2" hose and pour the oil through this system until you use the 2 quarts. 
    • Then replace the oil fill plug.

Than you are finished.


Use the maintenance diagrams to determine how often you need to change the oil.

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