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Removal of Radio/Headunit

Begin by removing the center console/shifter plastic piece

Next unscrew and remove the plastic piece that hold the odometer and warning lights

Now remove the rings that snap into the speedometer/tachometer

Unscrew and unsnap the plastic that covers the radio area

3.5mm input jack to stock amplifier

"I decided to remove the headunit from my car so I could use the space for adding gauges. But I still wanted to be able to listen to music. Since I already had a pre-amp adapter harness I decided to try connecting a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack on the pre-amp lines. So far with all the devices I've tried (iPod, cell phone, portable MP3 player) their built-in volume control was more than capable of varying the level from quiet to loud/distortion. Since a few have asked about it I thought I'd add a short how-to thread.

First, I started with the Metra 70-8112 adapter harness. This plugs in to the stock stereo harness and provides the wiring to connect an aftermarket headunit using pre-amp outputs. This maintains the OEM amplifier. The wiring pinouts for this are shown below:

You need to add a way to turn the amplifier on and off. Do this by creating a switch between the blue/white (amp turn-on) and red (+12V with key on) wires. I added a small connector to make removal simpler when I pull the dash panel off. This is shown in the image below:

For a quick test I used adapters (from Radio Shack...I know...chinsy). You'll need two (2) of the 2 Female RCA in, 1 Male RCA out, and one stereo Female RCA to Female 3.5mm phono cables. This is wired such that the front and rear right channels are joined together, and same for the left channels. This is shown in the image below:

Turn the system on by closing the switch, and use a 3.5mm stereo phono cable to the headphone output of your favorite device. If I like this I'm sure I will get rid of all the RCA connectors and solder the wires from the phono cable directly to the Metra harness. But for now this is very reversible in case I want to install a headunit in the future. "    -Dan (Cord4530)

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