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If you have a NA (Naturally Aspirated) Supra you should be aware that the brakes are smaller in diameter than the TT (Twin Turbo) model.  If you are looking to upgrade your brakes these are the following parts you will need.

  • OEM TT Calipers
  • OEM TT Shim Kit
  • OEM TT Fitting Kit
  • Rotors
  • Pads
Stainless steel brake lines would not be a bad upgrade either, but they are NOT necessary. 

If you purchase USED calipers and new or used rotors you should be able to just bolt them right onto the car. 

Here is how that will work:

  • Remove the wheels
  • Unbolt the flexible brake line attached to the caliper (may want to use a bucket or such to catch fluid coming out)
  • Unbolt the 17mm bolts on the back side of the calipers
  • Remove caliper
  • Pull off rotor (make sure e-brake is released for the rear brakes)
To install just go in reverse order as removal.
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