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This is for the guys that do not have the money to buy an entirely new harness (well over $1000, possibly over $2k).   There are alternatives. 

Ok if you are not already aware, the reverse light plugs (for the trans) are different whether you have an auto, 5 spd. NA, or 6 spd. Twin Turbo.  Look at the diagram below.  It says the auto trans (GE & GTE) uses the P2 (A) connector, the 5 speed (GE) trans uses the B1 (C) and 6 spd. (GTE) trans uses the B1 (B) connector.  You can ovbiously see that the auto connector in no way resembles the 6 spd. connector. 

Thats ok though BECAUSE the two wires we need (Red/Black and Yellow)are in both plugs.  That is what we are going to focus on in thistutorial.

First thing you want to do is to disconnect the battery.  Now locate the auto harness connector and the reverse light connector in the trans tunnel.  They are circled in red.  It looks like this trans had wires spliced onto it for either a 5 spd. Supra or another car, possibly an SC300.  Either way you can clearly see that the reverse light harness was already cut and spliced together.  This made things alot easier for me to decide to go ahead and remove that plug altogether and use my own.

So here is a plug I found laying around the shop. 

I would recommend picking up a waterproof connector from Toyota.   Here are the details:

Next thing you'll have to do is to remove the wire loom behind the auto connector to reveal the wires behind it. 

Since we're only working with two wires it will be easy to wire in.  Pick a side and wire in the appropriate colors.  I used Auto Strippers to make a gap in the wire without cutting it in half, then made a hole with a small screw drive to feed the new connector wire through it and finally twisted it for a tight connection.  I did it for both wires.  ** If you are using the Toyota Plugs I would suggest soldering all connections, then tape and then wire loom **

Since I removed the connector from the reverse sensor, due to it being the wrong one, I just spliced my new connector to the existing wires, electrical taped all the connections and wire loomed everything back for a stock like finish.  ** Again if you are using the Toyota Connectors I would solder all my connections, then tape and then wire loom **

That is it.  Now If I ever need to drop the stock auto trans back in the wires are still in tact.  Took maybe 15 minutes to do. 


  • Electrical tape all of your connections even if you solder them. 
  • If you are unsure what reverse light wire the red/black or yellow wires connect to you can simply splice them to either one, reconnect the batter to test it out and if they dont work just switch the two wires.  It should work after that.
  • I have heard other people just cut the entire auto plug off and use the two wires they need and solder their connections.  That is a more permanent solution, but can be undone with more time and cramped conditions to re-solder all of those wires back to the auto connector if you ever need to install an auto trans again.
  • This is a temporary fix for me but if you have the correct connectors this can easily have been a permanent fix.  I would have then soldered the new connector in and not just twist and tape it in place.
  • As always you are responsible for your own decisions and the outcomes.  I am just providing detailed instructions on how I went about to fix this problem.  You are the sole person responsible if any problems occur by doing this mod.

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