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Modified Magazine             

Modified  "1994 Toyota Supra (MKIV) - It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's Sup Raman!"  LED TAIL Lights From

Road & Track Articles:                

Road & Track, Feb 1993. Small Blurb on the upcoming MKIV Supra

Road & Track, March 1993. First Test of the MKIV TT 

Road & Track, August 1993. Ferrari 512TR, Porsche Turbo vs MKIVTT

Road & Track, February 1994. 300hp Sports Car Comparison

Road & Track, April 1994. "The Centurions"

Road & Track, August 1998. Fastest Street Legal Car in U.S.A.

Road & Track, 1998. Sports and GT Guide

Super Street Articles:                

Super Street "The People's Champ"

Super Street "Supra Sonic"

Super Street "Gold Mine"

Super Street "Dark Reig"

Super Street "King Supra"

Super Street "Teacher's Pet"

Super Street "Exercise In Futility"

Super Street "Tuner Bash 2005 - Toyota Supra JZA80 Dyno Video"

Super Street "Top Secret's V-12 Twin Turbo Toyota Supra - V-12"

Super Street "Double Dragon"

Super Street "Pursuit Of Form"

Super Street "Appetite 4 Destruction"

Super Street "Dark Reign"

Super Street "Killer Blackbird"

Super Street "The Fast and the Furious Feature"

Super Street "Size Matters"

Super Street "High Speed Pursuit - 1993 Toyota Supra JZA80"

Super Street "Trial Tuning Toyota Supra - Downsizing"

Super Street "Super Bad, Supra Quick"

Super Street "Teeny Weeny String Bikini...Racer"

Super Street "Final Call"

Super Street "Better Have My Money"

Motor Trend Articles:              

Motor Trend, March 1993. "Leaner and Meaner"

Motor Trend, August 1993. "Top Gun"

Motor Trend, May 1994. "Full Auto Shootout"

Motor Trend, August 1994. "Bang for the Buck"

Motor Trend, February 1995. "USA vs The World"

Car and Driver Articles:               

Car and Driver, March 1993. First Test of the MKIV TT

Car and Driver, September 1993. Supra vs Corvette, RX7, 300ZX, 3000GT, and Porsche 968

Car and Driver, 1997. "Ten Best Performers"

Car Craft Article:               

Car Craft, December 1999. "Know Your Enemy"

Japanese Performance:               

Japanese Performance, November 1999. "Blitz'd"

Newspaper & Misc. Articles:             

Philadelphia Inquirer, June 20, 1993. Review of the MKIV

Consumer Reports, June 1994. "Exploring the Upper Limits"

NZPC "Top Secret" GT300 Supra

Unknown Source German MKIV facelift


High Performance Imports "Jun Supra"

5.0 MKIV notes

Car, February 1999 BMW M3 vs MKIV

Import Tuner:               

Import Tuner "Pure Pleasure - 1999 Toyota Supra"

Import Tuner "Power Pages: 1995 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo"

Import Tuner "Major Penalty"

Import Tuner "Boost Junkie"

Import Tuner "The Perfect Ride"

Import Tuner "Great White"

Import Tuner "Sex Pot"  /  "Sex Pot 2"

Import Tuner "1995 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo"

Import Tuner "From The Editors Of Auto Sound & Security"

Import Tuner "Power Pages"

Import Tuner "The Legend Lives On"

Import Tuner "1995 Zipp Motorsports Toyota Supra - Supra Taillights"

Import Tuner "Power Pages: Toyota Supra"

Import Tuner "Annual Vegas Toyota Supra Show 2003 - Import Car Show"

Import Tuner "The Tran Man Can"

Import Tuner "Red Light Special"

Turbo Import Mag. Articles:                

Turbo "2005 Toyota Supras Invade Las Vegas Meet - Car Events"

Turbo "Readers Rides - 1997 Toyota Supra and 2005 Subaru STi"

Turbo "Supras Invade Las Vegas IV - Vegas 2000"

Turbo "World's most powerful stock-block 1998 Toyota Supra"

Turbo "1998 Toyota Quicksilver SUpra - Texas Two-Step"

Turbo "1997 Toyota Supra 2JZ HKS - Mr. Hyde"

Turbo "Balanced Attack"

Turbo "Nine-Second Joy Ride

Turbo "Resurrecting The Legend"

Turbo "Alter Ego"

Turbo "Supra Sizzle"

Turbo "Project Suprasonic"

Turbo "Project Suprasonic 2"

Turbo "Supra Fly"

Turbo "SupraMorph - 652 WHP @ 1.7 BAR"

Turbo "Bombka's Bomber" / "Bombka's Bomber 2"

Turbo "Big in Texas"

Turbo "Readline Fever"

Turbo "Singular Satisfaction"

Turbo "Supra Dyno Bash 3 Cars, 2338 WHP"

Turbo "Sin City Supra"

Turbo "Pure Energy"

Turbo "The 9-Second Assassin"

Turbo "Dog Soldier"

Turbo "Gray Matter

Turbo "Big Stick Supra"

Turbo "Northeast Toyota Supra and Lexus Meet - Boosting Toyotas Attack E-Town"

Turbo "Commanding The Apexes - Project Supra Part 6: Suspension

Turbo "Project Scerious - Trials And Tribulations Of The Supra Swap"

Turbo "Some Basic Performance Upgrades - Project Supra Part 2"

Turbo "AEM EMS and Adjustable Cam Gears - Project Supra Part 3"

Turbo "Bigger Wheels,Tires And Brakes - Project Supra Part 5"

Turbo "Building A Rock-Solid Engine Block - Project Supra Part 8"

Turbo "High-flowing Cylinder Head - Project Supra Part 9"

Turbo "Air & Fuel - Project Supra Part 10"

Turbo "More Engine Components And Better Cooling - Project Toyota Supra Part 11"

Turbo "Bye Bye, Snow White...Hello, Blue Angel- Project SUpra, Part 12"

Turbo "Project Supra Part 13 - Sony XAV-A1"

Turbo "Virtual Reality"

Turbo "Top Secret V-12 Supra - Feature"  /  "Top Secret V-12 Toyota SUpra Twin Turbo"

Turbo "Supra Quick Tech"

Turbo "Blitz/Scorch Racing Drag Supra"

Turbo "Vegas 2001: A Supra Odyssey"

Turbo "Electronic Wizardry"

Turbo "Sin City 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo"

Turbo "Toyota Supra Turbo - Project SP-02"

Turbo "Powerhouse Supra"

Turbo "TRD 2JZ Sema Show - Supra Star"

Turbo "TX2K2"

Turbo "Crazy 8 The Ultimate Supra Celebration"

Turbo "Project Supra: Relaunch, Part 2"

Turbo "TX2K7: Supras Invade The Lonestar State - Event"

Turbo "Auto Meter's Data Logger Racing Computer - Tuning Tech"

Turbo "SILV - Speeding Bullet"

Turbo "2005 SILV Meet - Car Events"

Turbo "The Single vs. Twin Dilemma"

Turbo "Desert Dueler"

Turbo "Balanced Attack"

Turbo "Supratacular Las Vegas"

Popular Mechanics              

Supra Rated #7 of all time Turbo Cars

DSPORT Magazine             

A Matter of Time

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