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LightWeight Glovebox Mod 


For lack of anything better to do last weekend I decided to figure out why the glovebox was so heavy. It turns out there is a metal plate inside that, as far as I can tell, serves no useful purpose. Heres how to take it out, its pretty easy.

1. Remove the glovebox. Two philips head screws up top and two 10mm bolts at the bottom. Theres a plate at the top that snaps in that the airbag connector attaches to, you need to rotate this piece to fit it through the top of the glovebox to get the box out.

2. Take the spring off, then remove the two pins for the hinges at the bottom. Pry them out with a flat head screwdriver

3. Seperate these two pieces then remove all the screws you see. Theres about 11 or so of them that need to come out.

4. Pull the pieces apart and volia: huge piece of metal.

5. Drill the center of each plastic rivet with a small bit then follow with a 3/8ths bit to break it.

6. Reassemble everything except the spring, don't reuse that.

7. You just saved 2.08 lbs. Not much but everything counts.

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