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By: TurboMatt on Supraforums

IAC - if your car has a sporadic idle this might be the fix for you

The IAC is located at the rear of the intake on the valve cover side of the intake. You must remove the two 12mm bolts, harness plug, large 3/4" feed hose and two smaller coolant lines

Two coolant lines to remove.

IAC off the car - sorry for the color, camera freaked out

This check valve is what's inside the intake. Remove it and the rubber/plastic grommet after you remove the IAC from the manifold.

After cleaning the valve with the CRC air intake cleaner and the PLASTIC brush. Make sure you don't use a metal brush or you could damage the orange gasket.

After shots of the IAC nipple (?). This was gunked up but I forgot to snap before shots.

After shots of the other half of the IAC. This section is what bolts to the actual intake. Forgot to snap before shots as well.

After everything is cleaned and re-assembled you will need to reinstall the check-valve. This is how it is installed in the intake manifold.

Don't forgot to hook up these two hose BEFORE you bolt the IAC to the intake.

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