Installing new Hood Shocks

Difficulty = 2  ( with 10 being hardest)

Time to Complete = 1 person/ 10mins

Parts Needed:

  • 10mm Wrench/Socket
  • 12mm Wrench/Socket
  • Hood Prop or equivalent
  • Gas Dampers (qty- 2)
  • Ball Screws for Fender (qty- 2)
  • Ball Stud (qty- 4)
  • Fastening Clips (qty- 4)
  • Washers (qty- 4)
  • Lock Washers (qty- 2)
  • Custom Brackets (qty- 2)
    • see green text below


Begin by propping open the hood with the hood prop.

Locate the two bolts in the image with the two circles.  They will be a 10mm (fender) and 12mm (hood latch) bolt.  If you have a 10mm deep socket it will come in handy.  Otherwise you will need an open ended wrench.

Remove the 10mm bolt located in the center of the fender (for pictures sake, lets say were starting on the drivers side) and install the Ball Screw.

Remove the 12mm bolt from the top (closest to front of vehicle) of the hood bracket.  DO NOT REMOVE the bottom bolt). 

Install custom ball stud bracket by placing the lock washer onto the hood  bracket/latch  followed by the custom ball stud bracket, then the washer and finally the bolt.

Screw the ball studs onto the ends of the gas dampers.  Now slide the ball stud onto the custom ball stud bracket you just installed onto the hood bracket/latch.  Use the fastener clip to keep ball stud from sliding off.

You will notice that the gas damper is slightly longer than the lenth from the hood bracket/latch to the new ball stud.   All you have to do is lift the hood a bit higher and they will line up.   Pop the ball stud onto the ball screw for the fender and fasten with the fastener clip. 

Repeat process on passenger side.

Note: This Hood Shock, that they do not work with Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass Hoods.

That is what the manufacturer says, but since you are mounting to the actual hood latch I do not see why you could not use this kind with a Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass hood.  The shocks are NOT pushing directly against the hood itself.

If you are looking for quality custom brackets to mount your new hood shocks to the hinges of your hood, contact "Kirk Price" by email

If you look at the picture to the right (TOP PICTURE), you will notice that the hood shocks come with a crappy bracket that only allows you to bolt the bracket to the hinge in one spot.  This allows the bracket to move around and twist.  Kirk's bracket (BOTTOM PICTURE) allows you to use BOTH bolts that are on the hood hinge which does not allow for any movement and no twisting of the shocks.  Great Products for your investment. 

I have installed these brackets on my car since the initial installation and I absolutely love them.

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