Very easy to do.

  1. Simply open the hatch
  2. Prop it open with something to avoid it falling on your head
  3. Remove the bolts on one side
  4. Pull Shock out
  5. Put new shock in
  6. Install bolts
  7. Move onto other side and repeat steps 3 - 6
  8. Done


68960-19585 rh hatch shock list 156.90 cost 125.52
68950-19895 lh hatch shock list 156.90 cost 125.52

Royal Moore Toyota  they are great at giving the best online prices - Contact Ken Blake at

Napa Autoparts:         

819-4177 Hatchback Lift Support lists $58.39   cost is $42.49 each

New Struts

This is NOT a strut replacement, but an assistant to help hold the existing ones up.

Advance Auto Parts:        

Part No. 8200     Pylon LIFT LOCK    cost $12.89 each

New Struts

I have not tested any of these so please use at your own risk.  Other people have and said they work fine.  I am just putting the information here so you can compare everything on one page.  If you purchase these and find out they do NOT fit, please email me at and let me know so I can take them off.   If you purchase them locally and they dont work, simply take it back with your receipt and get a refund or try picking up a different part number.

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