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Adding LED Lighting to the Passenger Airbag Glove Box 

Strip back the carpet

Mark out where you want the LED's ( I only wanted 4 so I evenly spaced them out )

Drill out your holes

Using a utility knife, Cut out the underside of the carpet (to make sure there is nothing in front of the LED's )

Using spray adhesive, spray both the top of the box and the carpet

Line Up your LED's over the holes while pushing the "legs" through the carpet

Line them all up in this fashion (the legs going from the front of the car to the rear)

Then push the LED heads through the drilled holes

Using your thumb or anything flat hold down one side of the LED

Now push down the legs your going to be soldering (You can push just one at a time)

Get some measurements to strip back the wire

As you can see I used the blue crimp-on fork terminal for my grounding point

From the picture above you would work from left to right (crimp the crimp-on fork terminal onto the wire AFTERWARDS, this way you have to put the heat shrink wrap on BEFORE you solder each LED or else your going to be taping everything)

Do that for both the Positive and negative sides of the LED

I wired mine to a glove box sensor. 

When the airbag cover is on the LED's are off. 

When the cover is off the LED's come on

Wire them up and it is all finished !!

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