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Fix your fuel level float

Does your fuel level read half full and your low level warning light ison? Have you had the tank open recently to switch out fuel pumps orchange the lines?

After trying and trying to readjust how it sits in there .. like fromthe 12 to the 1 o'clock position to the 2 o'clock. back to the 11. Andnothing worked.

Here is what I did to fix that indicator from not going any lower than half full.

I took the entire fuel pump and hanger out .. and bent the float outwards.

Yes it was that easy. Just the little metal bar that comes from thehanger out to the plastic float and bent it outwards and slightly up.Kind of like if you make an L with your arm to your side and you liftyour arm outwards and up. If you kept going your bicep would touch yourear.

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