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Here's the wiring information I put together, as well as how the switch is meant to be used.

I may have gone slightly overboard on the diagram, but it shows exactly how it should be integrated into the factory wiring to work like stock. Doesn't necessarily mean you need to tap into the power wires in those exact spots. The colours listed for the headlight motors are for the wire colours on the motor side of the connector. I'll maybe add in the pin numbers later, I didn't have the headlights with me when I drew this up to get the exact pin numbers for the original connectors.

Connectors to plug into the headlight motors:
90980-10891 - Connector Housing (Qty: 2 -- 1 per headlight)
82998-12440 - Connector Terminal (Qty: 12 -- 6 per headlight)
90980-09152 - Connector Plug (Qty: 4 -- 2 per headlight) <--- These are semi-optional, they are just to plug 2 unused holes in the connectors.

Connector to plug into the leveling switch (Thanks to carchitect):
90980-10801 - Connector Housing
82998-12340 - Connector Terminal (Qty: 7)


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