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What you're going to need, besides the Do-Luck Bar:

  1. The Do-Luck Wrench that came with the kit (Will measure it tomorrow for those that don't have it)
  2. Two 10mmx3/4in bolts with washers (I think they come with the kit,but again, if they are not with it, you will need to buy two)
  3. A 9/16 ratchet head
  4. A 10mm ratchet head
  5. A good flashlight
  6. A box cutter
  7. A sturdy ratchet
  8. A drill with a 10mm bit. (Depends on the car)

First off, you should unpack the bar, and screw it together if necessary.

The bar is essentially 3 Pieces:

1) Driver's Side half
2) Passenger side half
3) A middle piece with two threaded portrusions and a stationary nut in the middle, and two moveable nuts on either side.

Now we begin the install!!!

To begin, whip out that ratchet and attach your 9/16 head. Look down towhere the front driver/passenger seatbelts attach to the floor, thereshould be a bolt holding it in place. Use your trusty ratchet andunbolt that bad boy on both driver and passenger side, being carefulnot to lose the hardware that is on the bolt (couple of washers, and aspacer). Your floor back there should look like this when that bolt isuninstalled.

Next, we will find and prepare the second mounting hole. This hole is atricky little bastard, on some cars, it will be already ready anddrilled, on some cars, neither side will be drilled, and on some, onlyone side will be (like mine, only passenger side was drilled).

If you dread the though of cutting into your carpet, you'd best swallowthat fear cause you're going to have to do it. Now, lets get this thingdone.

Un-clip (just pull it back, it will pop out) the plastic strip on top of your carpet where the bottom of the door frame is, like shown.

Then, you can look down and see where the carpet is mounted onto whiteplastic clips that are clipped into some gold-ish holders, using somemanpower and a flathead, CAREFULLY,so as not to damage the white clips, pop them out, continuing thisforward until you get about halfway to the front of the car.

You should be able to now pull back the carpet and see your chassis. Look down
farther towards the rear, and you will see a black little circle-shaped sticker, like show. Peel it off.

Underneath that, you should see two holes: the top hole is simply ahole, no threading, nothing. It's the one below that that we'reconcerned with. If that hole is not there, look for an indentationwhere it should be, and drill a 10mm hole in order to accomodate thenut that we will be using there. You can kid of see the two holes inthe middle of the picture.

Now, we need to cut a hole (OR MAKE A VERTICAL SLIT for a cleaninstall) in your carpet so that the screw can fit in there, I cut asection of carpet out to allow that section of the bar to sit moreflush against the chassis, because the fitment on this thing is TIGHT!!I know you cannot see the holes in this picture, that's cause of theflash, but they are there

Now, if you were to try to put the bar in there at this point, youwould notice that the carpet does not allow the endpieces to go back ordown far enough to line up with the mounting holes. So what we need todo is cut a slit in the bottom crease of the carpet, for the bottom toslide down more, and another slit to allow the side to slide backwardsenough, like so. (I know it looked like I had a seizure while using thebox cutter on my carpet, so bear with me)

Now you're almost done, it's time to get the bar ready

So...screw each bar half onto the middle piece, with the moveable nutsflush with the center stationary nut until each half can't go anyfarther.

At this point,

Position the assembled bar with the two end pieces facing forward, like shown, and lift it into the rear of the car.

It will take some manpower and positioning, but you will be able to getboth of the holes to line up, you may need to make the slits in thecarpet bigger, or longer, cut as needed. When you've determined thatthe holes will indeed line up (this is where that flashlight comes inhandy, trust me), start by screwing in the 10mm bolts and washers intothe rear-most mounting holes.

Then, we will re-install the seatbelt bolts. Reinstall that seatbeltbolt into it's original location, with the bar's endpiece in between itand the chassis, like shown.

FULLY tighten any and all bolts/nuts...You're done, congrats!!! Theinstall is made ALOT easier if you remove the rear seats, thenreinstall them afterwards, but you don't have'll just mean moregrunt work and elbow grease in getting the bar to stay down and linethe holes all up.

This is not my install.

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