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Cleaning Up Wiring  In The Engine Bay ( Drivers Side )

This is another tutorial on how to HIDE wiring harnesses in the Engine Bay.  I will show you in this one how to hide the wiring harness that runs along the drivers side of the engine bay.  It took me about 20 minutes, TOPS, from start to finish.  I had a small advantage in that my wheel well cover was already off the car.  So that help speed things up a bit. 


12mm Socket or Wrench  ( your choice )

Phillips Head Screw Driver

Your Hands

Lets get started.  

     The first thing I like to do is to get everything out of the way.  So, with that said we will start to remove the Wiper Arms, the Cowl Ventilator Louver, the Drivers side front fender liner, windshield washer fluid tank and the plastic dash piece that is under the steering column.  With these items out of your way we are ready to begin. 

     Now while you are inside the car your going to want to unclip all the connectors that for the harness that come through the firewall via the yellow rubber weatherproof grommet.  In total I think it was three green connectors and two white ones.  Your going to have to take apart the hood release cable and the hose (might be easier from the wheel well) that also run through the yellow grommet.  Once everything that runs through the yellow grommet is disconnected you can pull the assembly through the firewall from outside of the car.  Remove the plug that is on the brake master cylinder.

Remove the plug for the wiper motor.

Un-clip all of the snap holders holding the wiring harness to the body.  The trick is to take a flat head screw driver, put it into the thin slit and twist.   Pull the wiring harness into the engine bay.

Now that the wiring harness is totally unclipped and in the engine bay you can push it through the hole that the windshield washer fluid tank came through.  

Wire tie the wire harness to the Air Bag Sensor Wire after you push the plugs and yellow grommet back through the firewall.  To get the hood cable back through I used needle nose pliers, stuck just the tip through the small hole and opened it up to allow the cable to slide through.  The clear hose was easy.  After everything is pushed back through the firewall you can give the harness a stern tug to get it back into place and seat correctly.

Go back inside the car and reconnect the hood latch cable, then the connectors, and put the plastic piece back under the steering column.

You can now finish reinstalling the rest of the parts we had to take off. As you can see from the picture below, the stock windshield washer fluid tank still fits.

And here is what the engine bay will look like afterwards (minus all the dust).

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