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Tools and parts needed:

  • 10mm socket with about a foot of extension
  • vacuum hoses
  • vacuum cap

This is the charcoal canister. It's supposed to be some type of fuel tank gas reduction crap. Anyways remove it if you want to, but here is what we started with.

There are (2) 10mm bolts that hold the canister down, and 2 more to remove the bracket. Remove these bolts and take the canister out.

If you look on the bottom of the passenger's side fender, this line leads to the charcoal canister. You need to unplug it to remove the bracket. Once it's unplugged the bracket just lifts up.

I hooked a vacuum hose to the red line and run it down to where the hole is. It just needs to vent somewhere. The green line you can cap or use it as a vacuum source. I followed that line to the passenger's side of the engine bay, and removed the line totally. Then I used that source for my boost controller.

This is what is removed. You can also remove the hardline that is underneath the car, but that is time consuming and have to jack up the car, so I just left it for now.

- Thanks to michaelvanle

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