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This is for the guys who are drag racing or street racing and would like to have a clean cockpit and a stealth button for the line lock or 2 step button by using the button on the cruise control.

What I did was take the cruise control button from the side it is supposed to be on and modified the bracket inside the steering wheel to allow you to switch it to the other side. By doing this it will now be on the left hand side of the wheel so you can now have your right hand on the shifter ( 6 speed guys ) and your left hand on the steering wheel and still have the ability to push the button in.

Tools needed:

19mm Socket
thin phillips head screw driver
sawz-all w/ metal blade
magic marker
short self tapping screws
nail or something with a pointy tip

Onto the mod:

  1. Start by disconnecting the negative side of the batter terminal.
  2. Next you are going to take off the drivers side airbag.
  • Remove the two side plastic pieces
  • Unscrew the two star shaped bolts
  • Gently pull out
  • Disconnect the yellow harness
  1. Now that you have the airbag off you can disconnect the cruise control stalk harness. (NOTE: the white plug at the top and a ground wire thats riveted in. Just take a pointy object and a hammer to gently punch out the rivet.)
  2. Next, using a 19mm socket and wrench, take off the bolt in the center of the steering wheel.
  3. Take a fine point magic marker and make a mark on the wheel and the spline to avoid guessing when you put it back together later.
  4. Now take a steering wheel pulling kit and take off the steering wheel. (or Leave the 19mm bolt on and start tugging really hard, you will need to add some elbow grease here. lol)
  5. Once you have the steering wheel out of the car take it to a safe working place (i.e. workbench, etc.)
  6. Remove the 3 bolts holding in the cruise control stalk from the right side of the steering wheel SEE PICTURE
  7. Bend down the bracket on the other side of the steering wheel that is flat to a postion that you can slide in the CC Stalk SEE PICTURE From the inside BOTH LINES
  8. Make 2 marks on the bracket that are slightly bigger than the middle section of the stalk of where you are going to cut with the magic marker. SEE PICTURE 1 PIC2 PIC 3
  9. Cut the bracket, after cutting one side you may have to hold the other side back so it is an even/straight cut. SEE PICTURE 1 PIC 2 THE OPENING
  10. Insert the stalk back thru the hole and get an idea of how you are going to mount it. (NOTE: You are going to want to bend the pieces, you bent down earlier, back up so they sit flush under the stalks bolt hole opening. I had the screw hole closest to the inside of the steering wheel just under where you bolt in one of the screws to take off the steering wheel) SEE PICTURE
  11. Drill pilot holes straight thru the top and into the bottom bracket going thru the holes of the stalk after you test fitted it and made sure you can plug it in at the top. (NOTE: its hard to get a marker in there so you may need to hole the stalk with one hand and screw with the other)
  12. Now that you have screwed in both pilot holes (smaller than the size of the screw you are using) you can now use very short self tapping screws to secure the stalk to the new brackets and ground the ground wire. (NOTE: you may have to make the holes in the top piece a bit bigger to get your THIN phillips head screw driver thru so you can screw in the self tappers) SEE PICTURE
  13. Now that its screwed in we can go ahead and wire in the line lock and/or 2 step wires. (I'll have to find the diagram soon or if someone is a wiring guru they can take the OEM wiring diagram and modify it for us)
  14. Once you wire them in you can reinstall the steering wheel. (NOTE: opposite of uninstall)
  15. Now you have a OEM'ish look and can use your CC still and double as line lock or 2 step
This is just a guide I put together, I take no responsibility for you ruining any part of your car if you try this and mess anything up. Try this at your own risk.

WIRING IN 2 STEP or LINE LOCK using the button on the cruise control stalk.

You'll need a seperate "arming" switch to change the CC stalk function. (By adding an arming switch when the switch is off,the CC works as...Cruise Control)

The two SPDT relays do two things. First is to bypass any control to/from the CC ECU and the other to change the CC switch function. Any of the three switches (set/coast,res/accel,set/coast) besides the main cruise on/off will activate the line lock solenoid,letting go deactivates. You don't need a SPDT for the solenoid,a SPST will suffice.

"There were some questions on another forum whether or not this mod will work
1) When the underhood cruise control unit has been removed
2) If an arming switch is needed if #1 was done

1) The mod should work,all we're doing is utilizing the switch assembly,not the cruise control ECU etc.

2) Yes,for safety's sake. Although you need to apply the brakes first to actually lock the front brakes,without an arming switch you may lose front braking ability if you were to accidentally hit the stalk.

Also please fuse the battery connection to the line lock solenoid relay. I didn't put it in my diagram but I personally fuse any direct battery connections."

-Thanks to Ed_Alpha-Racing.

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