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Tools Needed                                         

  • 17mm Socket and/or wrench
  • 14mm open ended wrench
  • degreaser
  • wire brush
  • alcohol
  • brake cleaner
  • primer (high temp preferred)
  • high temp spray paint (color of your choice)
  • clear coat (high temp if possible)


  • Remove the calipers by the two 17mm bolts
  • Remove the brake lines by the 14mm line
  • Remove the brake pads
  • Scrub the calipers with some sort of brush while spraying it occasionally with some degreaser
    • get all the dirt and grime out/off of the caliper
  • Spray the calipers with brake cleaner
  • You can either use a drill with a wire wheel to prep them or a normal hand wire brush
  • Wipe them down with alcohol to remove any oils (don't be afraid to wipe them down a few times)
  • Begin spraying even coats of paint (I'd say at least 3 coats for a nice finish)
  • Allow each coat to dry before continuing on to the next coat
  • After you are finished with your coats of paint you can now either add some extra decals or skip that and go straight to clear coating the calipers
  • Again, I would say at least 2 coats of clear if not 3 and allow each coat to dry

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