Here is my Anthracite Metallic Supra.   This car has less than 133K miles on it.  It began its life as a black Supra, but after previous owner's had minor fender benders and extremely horrid paint jobs. I felt it was my obligation to restore the car to a state it deserves.   After a new hood, front bumper, passenger side fender, passenger headlight, and the beautiful Anthracite Metallic paint, this car is absolutely gorgeous.   Everything was done right this time.  The color really is classy.  Not only is it beautiful, but it is a rare package.  There are not many Supra's around anymore.  The majority of them were factory targa tops/ sport roof (entire roof comes off and can be stored in the hatch area), however this is one of the scarce few Hardtops.

Going In For The New Paint

As you can see, everything was done correctly !!


Just after the car arrives.

 Stripped the entire Car.

 Going In For Paint.

Fresh Out Of The Paint Booth.


Trans is on.  Now the 64mm Turbo goes on. 

Dropping the engine and trans in together

Putting Everything Back Onto The Engine

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