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5 spd. to 6 spd. Swap

- Thanks to Ravan


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"I finally got around to doing this write up, i would hope that this is made a sticky as it answers A LOT of the frequently asked questions about the parts needed for the 6spd swap. After 7months of down time, and a lot of frustrating hours of trying to figure out which parts work and which parts dont, i fially got a chance to provide future 6spd conversionists with a guide which should reduce the headache of this not-so-easy swap, so w/out further delay, here we go:

***in orange i highlighted places for you to take notice
and in red i highlighted all of the parts needed***

***keep in mind that the conversion which is listed bellow was done on a 1995 5spd NA hardtop car keeping the stock 5spd rear end, it is quite posible that some part combinations might be different for different model year supras b/c there have been a few members that were able to get parts work on their supras which i could not***

***also keep in mind that Curt Aigner @ Elmhurst Toyota made the list of parts bellow over 3 years ago. Over these past 3years the prices of the parts have increased slightly, the prices have gone up aprox. 6% each year so plan for an aproximate 15% price increase from the list bellow***

First, to start the list, you are going to be needing a v160 getrag

33030-0w212 v160 assy

then you will need the entire shifter assembly as most v160's that ive seen for sale did not come with, the following part list includes every little nut and bolt needed for the ENTIRE shifter assembly::

33504-14130 shift knob list 103.63 cost 76.63
33511-14031 control shaft list 25.15 cost 18.60
33513-22030 yoke list 7.63 cost 5.65
33530-14442 93.5-95 short throw shifter list 126.44 cost 100.00
90301-11015 o ring list 2.92 cost 2.15 x 4
33531-14010 boot list 39.44 cost 29.16
90387-08134 collar list 1.91 cost 1.41 x 2
33555-14110 boot list 31.55 cost 23.33
33555-14100 boot list 9.83 cost 7.27
33556-14050 seat list 1.54 cost 1.14
33057-14010 bracket list 44.33 cost 32.78
33570-14070 shifter tri-pod list 96.77 cost 71.56
93381-16016 bolt list .85 cost .55 x 4
90179-08095 nut list 1.14 cost .85 x 2
90105-08200 bolt list .89 cost .65 x 2
91651-60835 bolt list .26 cost .20 x 4
90105-08076 bolt list .74 cost .55
90179-08233 nut list .91 cost .68
90250-06026 pin list 1.06 cost .79
90467-21010 clip list 2.61 cost 1.93
33546-22020 bushing list 14.15 cost 10.47 ea x 2

now for the clutching components:

90363-12002-77 pilot bearing list 8.76 cost 6.48
96152-00500 snap ring list 2.66 cost 1.97
90903-63001 t/o bearing list 65.50 cost 48.44
90560-50001 snap ring
90560-79001 spacer list 2.31 cost 1.71
90206-12006 wave washer list 1.57 cost 1.17
90520-75001 snap ring list 2.97 cost 2.20
31264-14060 spring list 2.97 cost 2.20
31231-14050 hub list 33.38 cost 24.69
31204-14060 fork list 65.16 cost 48.18
31234-14020 spring list 1.97 cost 1.46
31236-14030 support list 31.27 cost 23.12
90119-08079 clutch cover bolts list .46 cost .33 ea x 6
90119-10054 bolt list .86 cost .64 x 2

these are al lthe parts associated with the TT slave cylinder:

31470-14060 slave cylinder list 64.61 cost 47.77
90080-10055 bolt list .89 cost .65 x 2
31484-24010 bracket list 6.69 cost 4.97
31482-14060 tube list 10.89 cost 8.06
90119-06406 bolt list .69 cost .50
96991-10080 clip list 1.20 cost .89 x 2
90119-06733 bolt list .54 cost .41
90080-11231 bolt list .51 cost .38
90461-08702 clamp

a 6spd flywheel is also needed with bolts:

90910-02115 flywheel bolts list 9.72 cost 7.18 ea 8
13450-0W011 flywheel list 676.00 cost 465.00

a 6spd TT clutch is also needed, i recomend Titan motorsports for that step.

as for teh driveshaft, those swaping the rear end for a TT 6spd, here you go :

37100-14810 driveshaft list 675.26 cost 525.00

those that are keeping the stock 5spd NA diff will have to use the Front half of the TT 6spd driveshaft, and the REAR HALF of the TT AUTO driveshaft.

a TT Auto companion flange is also needed to bolt up the TT auto driveshaft to the NA diff. :

41204-30040 FLANGE tt auto ONLY

as for the tranny mounting bracket, the TT AUTO mount is needed to be used to get the holes to line up properly, not the TT 6spd.

my tranny came w/out these inspection covers, so some of you might need them too :

31123-14020 inspection cover list 29.84 cost 22.07
31121-14030 inspection cover list 36.18 cost 26.75
90080-11228 bolt list .69 cost .50 x 4

also, for those of you keeping the stock rear end, the speedo will be showing a lot faster then u are really going, in order to correct this you will need to get this :

or something of its sort.

and final words from my experience, the driveability of the car suffered VERY LITTLE even though the gearing is really short, the car seems very very torquey and optimal for those who want to be very quick at the track."

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